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Hobby, Crafts, or Artists’ Supplies

Homeowner’s insurance covers your home. It is not meant to cover your business, even if your business is at home. If a customer comes into your house and he slips and falls on the sidewalk, it is very likely you will lose the court case (cha-ching!) because the insurance company can rightfully argue that you were not insured to run a business out of your home.

If you have a craft business you need to make sure you have the right insurance in place – just like any other home business.

Craft Insurance is in essence similar to other types of home business insurance. A Direct Line for Business Craft Insurance policy is tailored specifically to the work you do.

Starting a craft business can be a lot of fun and knowing that you have the right insurance in place gives you the peace of mind that allows you to continue crafting and have fun doing something you love.

If you’re working from home your normal home insurance policy isn’t enough to cover the demands of your home business. You need to have insurance that provides cover for you, the products you create, your customers and staff.

What would happen if a water pipe burst above your studio, ruining your work? What if it destroyed a commission for which you’d already received a deposit? What if a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or fire affected your studio or work space? As an artist—whether you’re a hobbyist, a student or a seasoned pro—you have a place where you make your art, and you purchase expensive art supplies. You probably have a number of finished works in inventory as well. How can you protect your studio, materials and artwork against disaster?

Disaster planning is the last thing on most artists’ minds, but just the thought of the possible loss of income—in addition to lawyer fees, relocation expenses and costs for leasing temporary equipment—can be sobering. Unfortunately, this planning isn’t easy; it takes research and legwork to prepare for becoming insured. Thorough record keeping, too, is an ongoing chore necessary for staying properly insured. Then, of course, there’s the actual cost of insurance. The security that insurance brings, though, is worth it all.

Whether you’re selling at craft fairs or at market stalls, getting the right insurance cover is crucial.

Public liability insurance is a key cover for craft businesses, as it covers you against claims made by a member of the public for injury or damage caused by your business. For instance if someone was badly injured when they tripped over stock beside your craft stall, they could make a compensation claim against you.

Product liability insurance can also be really important for crafters, as it covers you against compensation claims made for injury or damage that’s caused by one of your products. Even if you haven’t made the product yourself, in some situations you may still be liable for compensation claims.