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Heating or HVAC Systems or Equipment

Most HVAC business owners are covered by general liability and workers compensation, although there are other recommended insurance types.

If your business specializes in heating and cooling or refrigeration repair, you can look forward to more opportunities to expand your company and serve more clients in the coming years. But as your business grows, you’re also likely to experience more liability and risk exposures.

Not to worry – when you partner with the HVAC business insurance specialist agents at skyscraper insurance, we outfit your company with the insurance you need to keep your business secure. We understand the unique risks of your industry, and we’ve helped hundreds of other heating and cooling businesses weather unexpected accidents, events, and natural disasters. Our longstanding relationships with providers allow us to offer policies designed to protect heating, ventilation, and cooling technicians at an affordable rate.

An ideal business insurance plan for HVAC and refrigeration technicians accounts for liabilities, on-the-job accidents, and equipment damage or loss. Based on these needs, we recommend the following key coverage’s for heating and cooling professional.

Your traditional business insurance covers you in the case of fire, flooding, and liability things such as a customer or vendor injury on your property. General liability insurance also covers damages to your property or a client’s property by an employee. On the other hand, it does not typically cover equipment damaged by employees to a client’s computer system. For example, a virus that causes a complete or partial loss of data. In this example, equipment breakdown insurance could cover the labor costs to recover or rebuild your lost data, as well as any lost time or revenue until you are back up and running.

Equipment insurance, sometimes called boiler and machinery insurance, covers damages to equipment by way of things such as power surges, motor burnout, boiler malfunction and operator error. This coverage also covers the cost of repairing equipment, time spent on fixing a breakdown, and income lost through the absence of said machinery.

If your air conditioning fails and you have revenue lost due to tenants, employees or customers not being able to stay in your building, the insurance will cover these costs as well.

Every HVAC business is going to need general liability insurance. Next Insurance can help protect your HVAC business with general liability coverage up to $1 million per claim. They’re also extremely fast at getting you covered, with the entire process being completed online in as quick as 10 minutes.

Owning a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) business comes with a lot of activities and a lot of responsibilities. As the owner of the company you are responsible for making sure your customer’s needs are met and that they are happy with their services. You must also coordinate your employee’s schedules, installation or maintenance schedules, and keep new sales flowing so that your company can remain profitable. That’s why it’s important that you carry general liability insurance for HVAC.