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We provide cover on an all-risks basis for specified shooting and sporting equipment. New moon not only provides shotgun and rifle insurance but policies can also be extended to cover: sights, binoculars, night vision and many other accessories.

As an Skyscraper insurance member and firearms owner, you have unique insurance needs that often can’t be met by standard homeowners, renters and auto insurance policies. The Gun Insurance Program is designed to give you strong, reliable coverage at affordable rates. All are backed by a dedicated team that truly understands your needs and wants to make sure you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Does owning a gun increase insurance liability or premiums?

However, there’s a potential catch: Even if you don’t have to disclose that you own a gun to your insurance company, that doesn’t mean they will cover every claim that might be made in association with that firearm. If someone is injured by a gun that you own, you will usually be held liable. Whether you will be covered in such cases will depend on the incident.

As some gun owners and lobbyists maintain, this is a covert way of banning or confiscating guns. This is untrue. In fact, you would be able to buy as many guns as you wanted. Like a house or car, you’d need an insurance policy to own them.

Would this prevent anyone from purchasing a gun? Again, no, because the insurance company wouldn’t make that decision, nor would any governmental agency. The risk pricing component of this transaction would be thoroughly privatized.

Insuring iconic objects like these demands a special understanding of their unique status and the needs of those who collect them. With our long experience in protecting antique to modern gun, knife and edged weapon collections of all sizes—including ammo, accessories and gun safes, we know how much you value yours. That’s why we provide equally valuable features in our coverage.