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Graphic Designers

Professional liability insurance for graphic designers helps protect your graphic design business or studio from risks not typically covered by general commercial liability policies.

From over 25 years as a specialist insurer, we offer unrivalled knowledge of the risks facing your industry.

Graphic design work can face a wide range of risks. An incorrect illustration for a print job, a client injuring themselves during a visit to your premises, or the theft of a computer containing expensive design software could have a serious impact on your business. Our graphic designer insurance can offer your business specialist cover against these risks.

Graphic designers must have an artist’s flair and the technical savvy to produce computer-generated images and designs, websites and even videos. While the graphic design business may seem low-risk, there are some very serious exposures that you need to be aware of and should take steps to mitigate even if you are a sole proprietor with a home-based business.

  • Copyright infringement, even if unintentional
  • Theft and crime
  • Professional negligence
  • Damage to a client’s property
  • Damage to your business property

Whether you are an independent designer or a design firm owner with employees and a significant amount of business property, you need comprehensive graphic designer insurance that is tailored to your needs.