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Gardening & Light Farming Supplies

However well prepared you are, accidents do happen – and if you’re in the landscaping trade, those accidents can be expensive. With insurance from Simply Business you can protect yourself against the odd slip-up, choosing from a range of key covers to build a flexible policy.

If you run a gardening or landscaping business, it’s likely you’ve invested a significant amount of money in equipment and tools. Buying and maintaining the sufficient level and types of insurance cover can help to protect this investment, but may help to compensate your business financially in the event of accidental loss or damage to your tools and equipment. General Property cover may help your business in these instances.

Fire or theft damage to your equipment and tools comes with unnecessary cost, and can disrupt your business operations. Appropriate small business insurance for gardeners and landscapers such as Material Damage and Theft cover can help to have your equipment replaced quickly so that business can continue as normal. Your business can also be protected from business interruption, helping to cover loan repayments, employee costs and other expenses in the event of a fire or theft claim that halts the usual running of your business. Small business insurance can help keep things going until your business is back on its feet.

Small business insurance can also provide protection for third-party property damage or injury to others in the course of your work. Public liability cover can help financially compensate third parties for death or injury, which can save your business from significant financial trouble. Product liability is also important, to protect you from claims for damage of property for which you may be held liable. Personal Accident and Sickness cover can also be added to the insurance cover for up to two selected insured persons, and may help to protect from partial loss of income due to injury or illness. Taking out an appropriate level of small business insurance cover should be considered when you work in the gardening and landscaping industry, as the financial consequences of unforeseen events can be severe.