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Gardening and Light Framing Supplies

What if you hire someone to work in your garden? Maybe you’ve hired a part-time landscaper or full-time grower to tend to your garden. In most cases, you will need liability insurance to cover any workers you employ on your property.

Whether you garden as a fun hobby or to sell produce at your local market, a garden can be a precious and honored part of your home. It also has a surprising amount of monetary value including gardening tools, furniture, expensive plants, produce yield, and fencing. A storm or burglary can completely ruin expensive items and months of hard work.


General Home Insurance

Some home insurance policies consider a garden a “permanent feature” of the home. Thus, the home insurance policy will cover your garden as it would other parts of your home and property.

This coverage generally includes “acts of God,” like storms, snow, and high winds. This would apply if something out of your control—usually caused by weather—damages your garden. For example, a falling tree crushes your prized tomatoes or a storm knocks neighbor’s porch light into your garden.

Contents Insurance

“Contents” protects those items in your garden that aren’t permanent fixtures. This can include potting, garden equipment, sundials, lawnmowers, and anything you keep in your garden or shed. Yes, your garden decorations—like your gnomes—are included in that.


Someone is walking through your garden when they trip and get hurt. They step on a loose nail or cut their hand on your fence. They trip on a rake and have to go to the hospital. If someone gets hurt in your garden, you are liable for his or her injuries. You are even liable if you sell contaminated produce that causes food poisoning.

The injured party could sue you for a significant amount of money in damages and medical bills if your garden caused their damage. If you don’t have proper insurance, you would have to pay for any and all expenses out of pocket. Homeowners’ liability can help protect you from these potential financial burdens.