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Frozen Food

If you lose a freezer full of pricey steaks when your power is out, will your homeowners insurance cover the cost? Probably. However, insurance coverage for power outage losses can vary among providers. Your reimbursement for food lost in a power outage depends on your actual coverage.

Many home insurance policies automatically include cover for frozen food insurance. This cover is usually provided for a set monetary limit.

What cover is provided?

A business insurance policy usually has the option of adding cover for business contents, computer equipment and stock.

The stock section of the policy, will provide cover if there is damage caused by a specified cause, such as theft, flooding or a fire.

A contents section doesn’t usually provide cover for damaged stock caused by:-

  • changes in temperature due to damage or a fault in the refrigeration machinery
  • failure of the electricity supply
  • leakage of refrigerant fluid or gas

This section of cover can be called frozen food insurance or deterioration of stock insurance, depending on the insurer.

How is frozen food insurance provided?

As we’ve mentioned above, most business insurance policies have a section of cover for contents. If you need cover for deterioration of stock, a separate section of cover will need to be added. Please do not make the mistake of assuming that cover is included in your quote. If you cannot see it specified, please review with whoever provided the quote.

When it comes to the transportation of frozen food, some basic clauses of any  insurance policy will be different. Clause to the cover of all risk of loss or damage excluding loss or damage resulting from any variation in temperature are getting obsolete.