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Food Products

Yes, product liability insurance policy cover spoiled and contaminated food as well. A product liability insurance policy covers the various costs which are associated with the damages, illness, or injuries, caused by your products.

One particular form of insurance coverage that should be evaluated by food product manufacturers and processors is food product liability insurance. Food product liability insurance provides protection in the event that the food product insured causes injury to the user, and it is much cheaper than you think.

Many business owners feel they do not need insurance until they really get the business off the ground. In fact, some never consider insurance coverage until someone they want to do business with requires it, a disaster strikes or they find themselves in a lawsuit. Any of them, whether it be a lost business deal, a disaster or a lawsuit is a terrible thing that nobody would want and that could be easily avoided just by getting a food product liability insurance.

Suppose a child gets sick from eating the potato salad served at lunch. You could get a lot of problems there, and it is very likely that you eventually may have to pay a large amount of money if people decide to sue you because of the damage caused by your food product. Food product liability insurance will protect you from any claim related to food you serve, or food you might sell at a fund-raising activity.

Lots of people think that they can save a lot of money by getting an expensive insurance instead of paying to people who is suing them, and they may be right except for one thing. It is not necessary to expend too much money for getting a good insurance, our food product liability insurance will certainly meet all your needs and budget and will give you all the necessary coverage for any problem that may arise.

What food products liability insurance do you need?

If your business manufactures, processes or sells food you need suitable liability insurance.

There are two key liability covers for food businesses:

  • Food Product Liability – eg: may covers businesses in the food industry for claims arising from unwanted objects in food, food poisoning, allergic reactions and inadequate labeling.
  • Food product liability is an essential cover for food manufacturers , processors and also for food retailers such as restaurants , cafes, bakeries, caterers, delis and take-away food shops.
  • Food Public Liability – eg: injuries from slips and falls. While the risks are greater if you deal directly with the public an essential cover for any small business.