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As a florist, you are used to spreading joy and love to others with your business. Flowers brighten people’s days or can provide solace in difficult times. However, when you face difficulties at your floral operation, what you need is quality insurance to have your interests and assets protected.

As a florist, you’ve chosen a profession that brings a natural beauty indoors. Customers look to you for spectacular wedding bouquets, touching funeral arrangements or flowers that simply say, “I’m sorry.” They depend on you for just the right touch, often at a moment’s notice. So take the time to make sure you’re always there for them.

Skyscraper insurance provides florist business insurance designed to protect companies like yours from situations you’d probably rather not think about. What if a power outage or refrigeration failure ruined your stock of Valentine’s Day roses? Or your driver got lost and delivered wedding flowers to the wrong church on the other side of town? What if a customer slips and falls while exploring your shop and decides to file a lawsuit?

We understand your risks and challenges. Skyscraper insurance will work with you.

Skyscraper insurance helps your floral shop find the customized insurance coverage you need to protect your business. Starting with your facilities, we create a tailored program to cover the building and equipment you use every day to create bouquets and arrangements. We also insure vehicles, allowing you to protect your delivery cars and trucks, and even offer insurance to protect products in transit, whether that is orders going out or new inventory coming in.