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Fireworks Insurance provides a range of insurance cover protecting a firework display event organiser for firework events large or small. Are you planning a firework display for bonfire night, a New Years Celebration or other private parties, weddings or public events?

We understand the need for your business to keep trading in the event of an incident. Even a stray spark could lead to litigation which can have a severe impact on your business. We understand that incidents like this can be nerve-wracking for your business, as the negative publicity can impact on future bookings and incur extensive press coverage. That’s why we work alongside loss adjusters to offer fireworks insurance and ensure that any claims can be dealt with quickly, helping minimize the impact on your business.

Our in-house claims team can advise you on day-to-day issues your business may encounter, for example third-party property damage. This can be as small as cosmetic damage caused by a stray shell, and as we have exclusive access to our own primary market, we’ll be able to offer a quick response too.

A full range of insurances for individuals or large organisations, covering anything to do with fireworks including indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics, special effects, bonfires and other event-related work such as sound and light.

Over the years our firework insurance expert has introduced a number of health and safety procedures that have helped to reduce injuries, and he now sits on the panel for the ELR (Explosives Legislative Review).

We also have the ability to write property and stock cover as well as any additional covers you may need. We’ll take the time to map your exposures and suggest any additional products you may need on top of our standard liability package.

Who needs Firework Insurance?

It’s advisable for anyone organizing an event involving fireworks takes out the appropriate insurance policy. Our policies cater for everyone, ranging from schools and sport clubs to larger community and corporate organisations.

Fireworks insurance can be taken out for bonfire nights and any other event throughout the year that involves fireworks.

What’s covered by our insurance for firework?

  • Our public liability insurance provides cover for your legal liability to pay damages, claimants’ costs and expenses which arise as a result of and in connection with the event.
  • Our Employer’s Liability insurance covers you for legal liability to pay damages, claimants’ costs and expenses which arise as a result of anyone you employ at an event including whether paid or unpaid. However, it doesn’t include any liability in respect of a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) related incident.