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Fire Sprinkler – Installation and Service

Fires are as serious as any kind of threat to humanity, which is why finding sufficient fire sprinkler insurance is decidedly challenging. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to fires and in order to protect you and your business, full and complete fire insurance is paramount.

Skyscraper insurance are pleased to launch our new policy specifically tailored for the growing industries of fire, sprinkler and installation. We all know the risks involved when working on properties, where it be a personal home to a multi storey building and having the correct cover is essential.

At Skyscraper insurance we are able to offer a complete package tailored to your needs, whether it be Liability Insurance, Tools or Hired in Plant. We have access to specialist markets and a dedicated staff to help you.

As the provider of fire sprinklers, your business provides a valuable service to other businesses and residents. Fire sprinklers are a crucial preventative measure and customers count on you to install them correctly. As in any business, you or your employees could have accidents or make mistakes that cause injuries or damage. For this reason, you need to have comprehensive commercial insurance.

General Liability policy Includes:
  • Products Liability – As a fire sprinkler contractor, you sell products to your customers and then install them. If the sprinklers are faulty and cause damage or injury as a result, this part of your commercial business insurance will cover the costs. For example, the sprinklers may go off unexpectedly, causing water damage.
  • Completed Operations – Chances are that you receive complaints after you have completed an installation and the customer has paid. In this case, although your contract is complete, you are still liable and this portion of your business insurance policy will cover any damages or costs.

Business Owners Policy

Business owners often bundle their different commercial insurance needs into one package called a business owners policy, or BOP. This is a convenient and cost effective way to get all the coverage’s you need as a fire sprinkler. General liability will be included and you can add the rest of the coverage specific to your needs. Add-ons include coverage for additional buildings, vehicles, employee dishonesty, electronic data, business interruption, and more.