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Financial Planners

A financial advisor and an insurance agent may sell similar products, but they can have very different motives. The worst agents will be beholden to their company’s profit margin more than they are to your financial well being.

Financial services professionals need adequate cover to protect their practice against a broad range of public liability issues.

As the financial sector continues to evolve, professional risks change and heighten the call for more effective insurance.

Financial services is a complex area, which is why Insurance House is proud to offer, an original financial insurance product designed especially for financial planners and advisers.

Years of extensive research has given Insurance House a thorough understanding of the needs of professionals in the finance and investment industry. With broad coverage and flexibility, our financial planners’ insurance program offers a unique level of support that is rare amongst insurance providers.

As a financial planner, you have a bevy of important responsibilities. You are in charge of managing cash flow for individuals, helping them get out of debt, preparing for education expenses, retirement planning, investment planning and tax or succession planning, just to name a few of the important functions you handle. As expected, this means your biggest risks are related to the business you do and the associated liabilities. Additionally, you are at risk for property damage, general liabilities and basic business risks. Protect all of your risks by choosing the right types of financial planner insurance.

This specialised package includes:

  • Broad professional indemnity and general liability coverage
  • Business insurance for office, home, travel and home cover
  • Life insurance and coverage over personal accident and illness
  • Home and contents policy that includes cover of commercial activities if you work from home
  • Access to our exclusive Insurance House Assist service