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Our fertiliser insurance solutions protect your business, premises, farm, garage or depot from an array of risks. We can also provide supporting expertise across liability, employment practices, credit insurance and many other areas.

Everything seems to be more complicated these days–even something as simple as fertilizer. If you’re responsible for a company that manufactures fertilizer, you’re already well aware of how much the industry has changed. What used to be considered a simple bag of decomposing material to make your lawn greener is now considered a potential weapon of mass destruction.

Insurance needs for these businesses have gotten more complicated as the world has become more violent. There are also potential lawsuits due to contamination from the plant. Neighbors complain of the smell and may be subject to water source contamination. You’ll need more than just an average insurance agent to make sure you have the right coverage.

The Ins And Outs Of Insurance For Fertilizer Manufactures

All of us at The Skyscraper insurance, Inc. know that you can’t afford to be without the right insurance for your operation. A facility that manufactures fertilizer needs to be handled carefully. Any of our professional agents would look forward to meeting with you and discussing your individual circumstances.

Farmers, growers and agricultural merchants count on you, as a fertilizer blender and/or distributor, for their critical supply of fertilizer. Crops require fertilizer to grow, and your customers look to you for guidance and trust your expertise. With dependable insurance for fertilizer blenders and distributors from Nationwide, you can continue to supply fertilizer even if the unexpected happens.

Skyscraper insurance can help you, whether your needs are specific to the transport, storage or use of fertilizer, or insurance of the machinery employed in fertilizer application. We’ll help to measure and mitigate your risks, and provide a tailored insurance solution that is the best fit for your needs.

Our clients include professionals from all facets of the fertilizer industry, from manufacturing to distribution, sales to storage, transportation to spread, as well as consultants.

Manufacturing fertilizer, like many things, used to be a simpler process – create and distribute high quality organic material for enriching soil. Now fertilizer manufacturers must remain aware of a variety of factors to avoid potential lawsuits, from pollution liability and cyber liability to employment practices liability and beyond.

Many agribusiness companies invest in the standard types of insurance coverage such as farm liability protection or equipment coverage. However, the fertilizer manufacturing industry has one lesser-known risk that business owners cannot afford to disregard: the combustible properties of stored fertilizer and related chemicals.