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Drilling – Gas or Water

We work with several insurance markets that have programs specifically designed around drilling operations at highly competitive rates.

At Skyscraper insurance, we have extensive experience working with drilling and water well, and we understand the unique challenges facing your industry. We work with top-rated insurance carriers to build customized insurance solutions that include specialty coverage’s like:

  • Down-hole equipment loss
  • Well collapse
  • System failure
  • Loss of revenue
  • Manufacturer defects

Gas drilling face unique and dangerous risks every day. Skyscraper insurance has served this industry for many years, and we understand these risks. We offer specialized coverage solutions that can help drilling protect their employees, their equipment and ultimately their business viability.

At Skyscraper insurance we understand the unique daily challenges experienced by professional water drilling companies. Our Drilling insurance packages and programs will provide your company with the financial loss protection you need to address the inherent risk and exposures of your industry.

Don’t waste time worrying about whether or not you have the right policy to cover your workers and work site in the event of loss. Plan ahead by calling to speak with one of our experienced professionals who will assist you with the process. Our professional and qualified staff understand the importance of a responsive and attentive agent who can assess and analyze your needs.

Our team represents decades of experience in construction and high-risk contractor insurance. Our uniquely proactive approach, combined with our access to premium markets, often spells better coverage, discounted rates, more flexible billing options, and host of other advantages for well drillers. Meanwhile, we’ll provide insights, resources, and loss control services to ensure your insurance program is contributing to the overall success of your business.

What types of drilling insurance make sense for your business? Depending on your operation, recommended coverage may include:

Property, Equipment & Pollution Liability

Protect your buildings, rigs, and equipment (even in transit), valuable papers and records; safeguard against down-the-hole events, flow breakout, water/sewer backup, and more. An added endorsement for limited pollution liability means you’re also covered against pollution events at work sites.

Commercial Auto

Your vehicles drive your business, literally. Rest assured that your trucks are covered–including towing, labor, glass claims, rental reimbursement–and know that you have a service team on hand to help you exchange/cancel plates, so you can skip the registry lines.

Professional Liability

Mistakes happen. Professional liability coverage protects you against product failures, structural inadequacy issues, and damages to people or property resulting from professional errors or omissions. Water well drillers may also want to explore inspection liability coverage as an optional add-on, to hedge against issues related to well inspections.