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Door, Window, or Assembled Millwork – Installation

Window and door, though straightforward to the untrained eye, does come with its inherent risks, thus it should not occur without some sort of liability insurance on hand. Window and Door insurance is liability insurance catered specifically to window and door installers.

Any good installation starts with a great installation contractor. Professionals like you, are required for correct installation of doors and windows. According to the American Window and Door Institute, “Over 90% of window problems are the result of poor, or incomplete installation.” We understand that your job can be stressful and we want to help. Let us find you the perfect coverage for your business.

General Liability, Property, and Workers’ Compensation

Unfortunately, life is full of unseen and unplanned events. Having general liability insurance will protect your business from a variety of claims. These claims include bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage that can occur while you are on the job site.

In general, your business property insurance will cover you from a loss due to a common risk like an accident, theft, or vandalism. Property insurance covers the physical assets of the business.

The business owner’s policy, or BOP, will include both the property insurance and the general liability.

If you have employees, you may be required to add workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage will cover lost wages, medical, and medical expenses if your employee is injured on the job. Workers’ compensation also offers protection to you against being sued for the injury.

We also offer a multitude of additional coverage options and types of insurance coverage to meet your specific needs.

If an incident occurs and your home insurance covers it, be sure to let your Skyscraper insurance agent know. Your agent will help you get an estimate for the repair work. Some agents will also help you find professionals for the repair. They will want you to use a licensed technician for the work in almost all cases.

Home insurance coverage for windows and doors depends on the cause of the damage. Insurance does not cover damage from normal wear and tear. It also does not cover damage from poor maintenance and upkeep. Here are some examples of when it may offer coverage to you:

  • Someone accidentally shatters the door by throwing something at it. As long as it was accidental, coverage often applies.
  • The door or window pane shatters as a result of something hitting it, such as a tree branch falling in a storm.

If the door has damage from air leaks due to poor sealing, your policy is unlikely to cover it. That said, some property owners may have a warranty on their existing windows. If you have a warranty, be sure to speak to the manufacturer about related damage.