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Demolition Work

Demolition work insurance provides with protection against a broad range of potential common claims, including bodily injury, property damage or personal injury.

One of our specialty insurance concentrations is providing demolition insurance. The Demolition industry is one that requires an almost obsessive attention to detail. We work with our clients who are demolition contractors to discuss and assess the various risks they face in their operations. As part of our demolition work insurance risk assessment, we provide preliminary suggestions on contractual obligations which our clients can then review and finalize with their attorneys.

Once we have completed a risk management assessment, we work together with our clients to implement sound strategies to address their specific risk profile in order to provide the optimal demolition insurance coverage for their needs. Since the demolition industry is largely regulated by related laws, this assistance is critical. Demolition work is risky enough; let the experts at Skyscraper insurance work with you to eliminate any concerns of adequate protection regarding your demolition work insurance requirements.

What Coverage’s Demolition Work Insurance Typically Provide?

Demolition Work Insurance covers mainly liability exposures.  However, demolition work is inherently seething with liability transfer to the contractor.  Therefore, it is important to have the right liability coverage in place.  Some of the endorsements available in liability insurance for contractors should always be included.

Demolition work insurance endorsements would often include: 

  • Additional Insured Coverage
  • Waiver of Subrogation Coverage
  • Primary & Non Contributory Wording Compliance
  • Completed Operations Coverage for the Additional Insured
  • No restrictions on height of project
  • XC&U Coverage
  • Pollution Liability
  • No Subcontractors Limitations
  • & Blanket Contractual Liability coverage

It is also important to ensure the contracts demolition contractors have in place are aligned with the demolition contractors insurance coverage afforded by the policies. Call Skyscraper insurance today to learn more about how we can help you with your risk management needs.

Demolition work insurance also known as liability insurance for demolition company is a type of insurance that protects demolition companies when they are sued by clients because of their direct or indirect demolition work.

You’d probably be surprised to learn that there is a good market for demolition companies. Businesses and property owners in the country are frequently demolishing old buildings and replacing them with new ones. This makes a very friendly business environment for demolition and environmental services companies. While all is going well at this point, you should not rush in too quickly. It is absolutely pertinent to go above and beyond to protect yourself from potential litigation from consumers.