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Computers – Retail and Repair

Computer repair and installation experts know that the stakes are high. One mistake in your work and a client's important data could be compromised. That could quickly escalate into a lawsuit against your business. If their media devices are damaged while in your care, you could be liable for those costs, too.

Protect Your Business: Computer Repair Insurance

Computer repair businesses will always have a place in a day and age where technology is of maximum importance in almost anyone’s life. If you are planning to become an owner of one, it is worth knowing that handling sensitive information brings notable risks. Any loss of data can lead to serious legal issues, some of which could ruin you financially.

Insurance is, therefore, key to the specialised needs of this field. Nobody aims to leave customers unhappy, yet mistakes can happen. Having legal protection from the high costs that property damage may bring is crucial for the survival of these businesses.

Let’s have a look at some of the insurances that provide the best value.

  1. General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance mostly covers aspects that can apply to any business, not just those focused on computer repairs. One common example would be injuries sustained on your location – a customer falling when entering your shop could decide to initiate a lawsuit.

Another aspect would be the damage caused to a client’s property. For example, damaging a hard drive can also bring a lawsuit and demands for serious compensation. This type of insurance covers both costs related to the court, and the injury caused, letting you focus on doing the best possible work without being overly worried regarding possible legal issues.

  1. Errors and Omissions cover

This type of insurance covers the professional mistakes that could appear in a computer repair business. As the name implies, the terms are specific to the field mentioned.

It offers protection against late delivery, services or products that are below expectations and others along the same lines.

  1. Property Insurance

Office space, furniture, equipment can all be covered against fire, theft, floods and other accidental events that could harm your business. Seeing how the assets of a computer repair shop are highly specialised and quite pricey at times, property insurance is a crucial tool that will provide financial safety.

Working with computers can have all sorts of pitfalls. If someone tripped over a cable when they came to your business premises, or if you dropped an expensive piece of computer equipment when you were collecting it from a client’s office, you could face a costly compensation claim.

Computer stores sell everything you need for your computer, including the desktop, laptop or tablets themselves. Other items include flash drives, blank CD’s and DVDs, printers and ink cartridges, printer paper, software, laptop and tablet cases, keyboards, tablets and many other accessories. Due to the high risk of theft and shoplifting of your products, business insurance is essential for this and other risks your store may be exposed to.