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Collectibles and Memorabilia

We understand the years you've invested to manage your collection. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your possessions are protected. With experience protecting some of the world's largest and finest collections, we can help protect the collections you cherish the most.

Serious collectors need specialty coverage that protects the full collectible value of their items.Skyscraper insurance Collectibles Insurance covers hundreds of collections from fine art to sports memorabilia.

Skyscraper insurance Collectibles Insurance offers more complete coverage at a competitive premium when compared to traditional homeowner policies. Plus the application process is simple and fast.

As a specialist insurance broker we have arranged insurance for memorabilia and collections.   No memorabilia is too unusual, large or small for us to consider.  We have sorted out memorabilia insurance for collections such as:

  • sports memorabilia
  • art deco china
  • dolls
  • coin and medal collections
  • toys
  • vinyl record collections
  • cigarette cards
  • telephones
  • even pencil sharpener collections.

We understand that your collection is precious to you and has sentimental value attached to it. We have many clients with collections that have been built up over a lifetime with the hope of passing them onto future generations, or clients that have inherited a valuable collection from their family.

Our aim is to find the most suitable memorabilia insurance cover for your collections. We help you ascertain the value of your collection and offer you free, no obligation quotes working with a number of highly respected insurers to place your cover.

What will our memorabilia insurance policy cover?

Our policies are as individual as your memorabilia collection and we’ll work with you to tailor the memorabilia insurance cover to your collection.  Dependent upon the size and value of your collection we may recommend a separate memorabilia insurance policy or we may recommend that you insure the items as part of a high net worth home contents insurance policies.

Here’s an example of the protection you’ll get with our bestselling memorabilia insurance product:

  • No policy excess
  • Items will be covered on an agreed value basis (if listed in schedule) – non listed items will be covered on market value basis
  • All risks cover for physical loss or damage (inc. accidental damage)
  • Pairs and sets are covered (providing you release the remaining part of the set to the insurers)
  • You can buy back items that are recovered at a later date

Collectible insurance can protect your collection against risks such as accidental damage, flood, fire or theft. Although the individual items in your collection may not be worth much, the value of a collection as a whole can build up and it should be insured accordingly.

Almost everyone has a special collection, whether it is a collection of antiques, coins, art, figurines, dolls, collector cars or fine wine. It’s hard to imagine anything happening to your treasured belongings. Antiques and collectibles insurance provides coverage for those hard-to-replace belongings in your home.