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Owning your own clothes store is an exciting experience but time consuming at the same time. You need clothes shop insurance that’s quick and easy to set up; to give you peace of mind should something go wrong.

Besides the obvious reasons why we need clothes, many women love to create a statement with their garments. The kind of clothing you wear often helps boost your confidence, because when you look your best, you feel your best.

In the clothes and fashion industry, keeping customers happy and your stock safe is essential for round-the-year trade. There’s a lot involved in running a shop, so when it comes to insurance, you need a quick solution, with cover for your key assets all in one place. With Simply Business you can build a policy that protects you, your premises, and your customers, plus any contents and stock. It’s quick, quality cover, all in one policy.

Clothing store shop owners have a lot invested in their store. Whether you own a boutique showcasing the latest runway trends or a thrift store with vintage threads, you put time, money, and effort into curating your shop to entice your target market.

But without a risk management plan – one that protects your shop from the blow of liability lawsuits and thefts – your clothing boutique could suffer. For instance, anytime someone who isn’t your employee sets foot on your property, you could face a General Liability suit if they are injured. Without the protection of that foundational “slip-and-spill” coverage, you put your savings on the line.