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Clothing – Uniforms

And if your clothes are insured under your home contents policy, the cover might not be on a new-for-old basis. This means that, if your clothes were damaged by a burst water pipe, for example, there would probably be a deduction for wear and tear – significantly reducing the value of any claim.

If you have a couture collection that you would need to replace in the event of loss, damage or theft, you can specify it on your Portable Possessions policy. This policy has been specially tailored for those who find that the full value of their wardrobe exceeds the value stated on their Home Contents Insurance policy schedule.

Clothing vendors who hand make, sell, and show their work at craft fairs and art events should consider purchasing a liability insurance policy for crafters. Many events require crafters to purchase liability insurance before they attend an event, and even if they do not, liability insurance can be a wise choice for clothiers who wish to protect themselves and their business from financial risk.

You might not think your clothes are worth much, or perhaps you don’t think it’s worth getting wardrobe insurance. But if your clothes, shoes and bags were damaged in a fire, a flood or some other unexpected event, being uninsured for these items means you’d have to pay out of pocket to replace them. Fire especially can be damaging to clothes as it can be affected by smoke damage even if not directly singed.