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If hurting a leg keeps them from playing football or walking a runway, which in turn hurts their wallet, an insurance policy would help them get back some of that lost money.

Celebrity insurance can get just plain weird. Specialized cars, exclusive homes, private planes are not things has to worry about, and the average insurance company has to cover. But the real weirdness happens when actors, actresses, and sports heroes start to get specific with their coverage. Really specific. Down to the finger, in fact.

Some of these policies are taken out by the celebrity to insure future income after an injury or illness. Some are taken out by the companies that profit from celebrity endorsements. All are worth a laugh or two.

Nobody wants to lose a rainmaker. That’s why companies take out insurance on the celebrities that make their brands shine. But things can get strange very quickly when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of celebrity coverage. These are a few of the most ridiculous celebrity endorsements around.