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Car Stereos

If you decide to add a top-notch stereo system to your car, it'll probably cost a pretty penny. Like any sound investments, you should do your part to be protected.

Theft of mobile electronics and other accessories has become one of the most common forms of automobile crime. In addition to losing your possessions, chances are damage has been caused to your vehicle such as ripped dash boards, broken dash bezels, broken locks and/or windows and other forms of vandalism. In some cases it can cost more to repair the vehicle than it does to replace the stolen items.

While the cost of insurance can be high, we always suggest a decent alarm system as a deterrent before adding other accessories and most insurance companies offer a small discount, typically 10%, off of your comprehensive coverage for having a passive alarm installed that contains some type of vehicle disabling feature. In some cases the savings could pay for the alarm within a year. For additional discounts, you may want to consider a GPS tracking device.

Finding insurance companies that provide affordable car insurance and additional comprehensive plans isn’t all that difficult. Some of these comprehensive plans can be added and may already be included in your existing home owner’s and/or renter’s policy. If you are a member of a car club, you may be entitled to additional discounts or group rates through your car club. The same may apply to other organizations.