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General liability provides protection for most things as long as they are not specifically excluded on your insurance policy. It also grows with your company, to automatically provide coverage for new candy locations and products.

Candy manufacturers bring a little bit of joy to everyone. Whether you make hard candy, lollipops, gummies, caramels, or fudge, your day’s work brings a smile to kids and adults alike.

But the candy-making business is no laughing matter. Using precise processes and expensive, specialized machinery, you put a variety of ingredients into molds, add colors, stripes, and textures, insert fillings, and package, ship, and store your delightful creations.

Whether you make one kind of candy or candies with a variety of shapes, tastes, and textures, you face serious business risks that are as complex and diverse as your products.

Why Do I Need Candy Insurance?

Safety concerns, business interruptions, property damage, and lawsuits have enormous costs for any candy manufacturer.

Consider how the following types of events can lead to devastating financial losses:

  • Employee injuries (burns, machinery dangers, slips and falls, etc.)
  • Equipment and building damage due to accidents, fire, theft, weather, and other natural disasters
  • Machinery and equipment breakdowns
  • Product and inventory loss due to utility  and supplier interruptions
  • Damage to products in transit
  • Product defects and recalls

All of these risks come with a hefty price tag. You need a comprehensive set of candy manufacturing insurance policies that address these risks, and more, depending on the unique needs of your business.

One of the biggest concerns for any candy manufacturer is protecting your business property, from your factory building and warehouses to everything that’s inside.