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Even the smallest of cafes or tea rooms can face big risks when it comes to health and safety. This is why it is just as important for these smaller, perhaps more independent businesses to understand the importance of taking out business insurance, as well as the larger establishments.

Cafe businesses vary greatly, from tearooms and coffee shops to bistros and that British institution, “the greasy spoon”. But whatever type of cafe business you run, you all have one thing in common: busy cafes can carry a number of risks and challenges so you need comprehensive insurance to protect you, your customers, and your reputation.

As a cafe owner, you’re responsible for the welfare of your customers, your employees, and your suppliers. So it’s essential to have adequate public liability and employers liability insurance in case anyone is injured or falls ill as a result of being at your cafe. Product liability is another essential cover as a safeguard should somebody suffer food poisoning.

Additionally, other essential covers include business interruption, cover for your building, equipment and contents, and financial cover for any money held at your premises.

Our flexible approach to tailor-made policies and our ability to cater for non-standard risks means we may be able to provide cover for risks that some insurers deem too risky, such as flat-roofed premises, start-up businesses, and premises that have suffered previous claims due to fire or flood.

To find out more about our specialized cover for cafes, or to obtain a quote for your business, contact skyscraper insurance today for a chat with our quality team.

Cafe insurance can cover claims for damages and legal costs made against you if a customer is hurt or their property is damaged at your cafe. If you employ staff, then you’re legally required to have employers’ liability insurance, which protects your cafe against claims if an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of working in your cafe.