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Cable Installation (TV and Internet)

As cable and TV and Internet installer you have many different insurance policies to choose from. In order to cover all of the risks you are exposed to with your chosen profession, it’s important to obtain the right types of insurance for full coverage.

All Cable T.V. installation business owners benefit from obtaining and maintaining the proper commercial insurance coverage necessary to adequately protect their company and also comply with concerning Cable T.V. Installers contractors insurance requirements.

The telecommunications industry is constantly being updated as new technology is invented. The TV cable equipment and wiring used today is different from what customers were using a decade ago. This means job security for installers whose services will be needed by customers who need to replace old equipment with the most advanced options on the market. But if you plan to be successful in this field, you will need a TV cable installation insurance policy you can depend on to protect your business.

Installing TV equipment can be risky, considering that it involves getting on top of roofs every day. But the risks don’t end with you; they also extend to your customers, since property damage is always a possibility. In particular, there’s a chance you could damage the roof and other parts of the home while you’re up there installing equipment. There is also a risk of your customers tripping over your tools, or possibly blaming you for any problems that occur with their TV connection once you leave.

This is why you need TV cable installation insurance with general liability coverage. If you are ever accused of damaging property or causing injuries to customers, you’ll need insurance that will protect you from being personally liable for lawsuits that result from such accusations. General liability coverage could be what keeps you from losing your business or personal assets, so it is crucial that your TV cable installation insurance include it.