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Cabinet Makers

General liability insurance is critical for cabinet makers because it protects you from a wide variety of mundane potential hazards and pitfalls that can be common. If you allow customers into the cabinet making machinery area for example, someone could be injured accidentally.

We provide Cabinet Maker Insurance, by filling out an online application we will contact you to help your contracting business get insured. Whether you operate a large company or are a one man operation we will provide you with insurance your business needs to succeed.

Core coverage on a contractor’s policy is liability insurance with optional extras to give you coverage for things like tools and equipment.

Why A Cabinet Maker Needs Liability Insurance

  • Our insurance will protect you if someone believes you are negligent and have caused third party property damage or bodily injury as a result of your business operations
  • If you are hired to act as a subcontractor, many times the general contractor will ask for proof of insurance
  • As the world evolves into a more contract based society, even completing the most simple of tasks, customers will want to see that you are insured.
  • Instill confidence to potential clients that you are a well established business that is licensed, registered and insured.

Cabinet makers provide goods and services to their clients that the clients feel are very important. Your customers want the best quality cabinets that they can get for the most reasonable price. As a cabinet maker you may sometimes create very elaborate, unique designs for high end customers. You may also create utilitarian and inexpensive cabinets to satisfy the needs of more frugal clients and those who must furnish cabinets to many places, such as apartment building owners and builders. Your days are busy and you’re responsible for many details related to your business. One of the details is to make sure you’re company and its assets are fully protected. That’s why you need general liability insurance for cabinet makers.

Bodily Injury Coverage

When customers visit your cabinet making shop, they do not expect to come to harm while there. Accidents happen however, and if someone is injured, your general liability insurance policy has bodily injury coverage to take care of it. This pays for your injured customers to receive medical care. They won’t have to pay the bills and neither will your company.

Property Damage Coverage

Property sometimes gets damaged accidentally. When a customer is visiting your cabinet shop and an accident happens, it can cause harm to their property. Their car may be dented for example, or an employee may accidentally damage a wall while they’re at the customer’s home. Property damages protection is the area of your general liability insurance for cabinet makers that takes care of these problems.

Owning a cabinet maker business allows you to enjoy a variety of activities and interactions each day. You communicate with and possibly work side-by-side with employees; you work closely with suppliers to source the best base materials; you help customers select wood, hardware and designs for their home cabinetry; and you might even create custom cabinet designs of your own. While you lead a busy and fulfilling life, it’s very important to protect all of that with business insurance for cabinet makers.