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Cabinet Installers

General liability insurance for cabinet installers includes protection against civil lawsuits that may get filed due to work you have previously performed.

Everyone needs a place to store their stuff. Closets, garages, and shelves solve the problem often enough – but in areas like kitchens, storing things in a way that doesn’t generate an unacceptable amount of clutter is paramount.

Cabinet installers are the contractors who make that possible, but they put themselves in a vulnerable position every time they’re on the job. No matter where you install them, whether it’s on the wall or on the floor, making a mistake during the installation can lead to a variety of damages that can easily be made into a claim against them.

If you’re one such contractor concerned about how a potential mistake can ruin your reputation, or your entire business, let Contractors Liability give you the information and the insurance coverage you need to prevent that from happening.

This is a sub-genre of general contractors’ insurance that covers you in the event where a third party such as a client, or someone else present on the job site – like a passing pedestrian – gets injured or needs to deal with some other form of damage you created.

The ways in which cabinet installation can create injuries or damages are numerous, but for the sake of simplicity, we have compiled five different categories for your reference, as well as some examples that are likely to occur when you’re on the job.

Cabinet installer liability insurance is for independent and solo cabinet installer professionals as well as multi-employee contracting firms. This coverage helps to pay for legally defending yourself and your company, if you are sued because of physical injuries, damages to personal property, and other types of liability that often bring litigation actions. Additionally, this commercial insurance pays for any judgments or monetary settlements if you’re found to be at fault.

Bodily injuries are physical harm that often results from minor and major accidents. When injuries are more than minor, they may require immediate medical care, emergency room treatment, surgeries and treatments by specialists. Additionally there may be ongoing recovery costs, medications and more. If your company is judged to be responsible for the injuries that occurred, when the incident happened on your business location or on a work site where your company was conducting business, general liability pays for the necessary care.