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If and when it comes to the crunch and you need to make a claim, we'll send the details of your claim to the insurer to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.

With decades of experience insuring breweries, we understand the risks unique to your industry. Risks that include spoilage of perishable goods, equipment breakdowns, premise liability, liquor liability and leakage, to name a few.

Our comprehensive insurance program and services can be customized to protect your brewery while meeting state requirements.

Breweries face risks from both manufacturing and hospitality operations. You may need numerous brewery insurance policies and endorsements to properly cover your business and protect your livelihood. With the help of a Skyscraper insurance agent, you can determine which types of coverage you need and which ones you don’t.

  • Business property coverage protects your building(s) and contents from damage due to fire, weather events, theft, vandalism and other causes of loss. You need coverage for brewing equipment and machinery, inventory, beer stock, furniture, fixtures, computers and any other business property on your premises.
  • Your business property policy should also include coverage for business interruption, which pays for ongoing expenses, lost income and relocation costs if you cannot operate or you must relocate due to a covered loss.

As a proud manufacturer of stouts, lagers and ales, you unfortunately must also prepare your business for unexpected events that can damage property, suspend production, injure customers or employees, and cause serious financial distress. Consider the following:

  • A batch of brew is contaminated or spoiled and must be destroyed or removed from the marketplace.
  • A customer is involved in an alcohol-related car accident after leaving your tasting room or brewpub.
  • Vital equipment or machinery unexpectedly breaks down, leading to property damage, loss of inventory or product and extended downtime.
  • A customer, vendor or delivery person slips, trips or falls on your premises.
  • Guests on your premises damage equipment or other business property.
  • Unfinished or completed beer leaks or spills from a storage tank.