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Blasting Operations

Blasting operations have significant liability exposures and often need insurance protection with high limits. Properly identifying your risks will help avoid hefty fines, employee injury and downtime, and unnecessary damage to your equipment and property.

Demolition is serious (and dangerous) work. The process of bringing down an existing building and / or clearing out a lot for new ventures involves precise math and a lot of experience and skill. Needless to say, there is also a lot of potential danger involved. Because of the high risk, everyone involved in this line of work needs to be properly protected through insurance. If you run a blasting business, here’s what you should know:

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When Liability Insurance is Necessary

Both manual and mechanical demolition work carries great risk.If your company uses explosives, excavators, cranes, bulldozers, wrecking balls or other heavy equipment or machinery, you definitely need a good demolition liability insurance policy. This will help protect you and your business should any damage occur to surrounding area and buildings, and it will also greatly help should anyone become injured in the process. Many times extra coverage for pollution liability can be added into these policies, therefore keeping you further protected in the event of any unintentional pollution from construction materials that may result in ongoing conflict. Insurance can also help prevent lengthy legal battles, which can in turn save your business’s reputation and its future.

 Blasting Insurance

Believe it or not, blasting liability insurance is not “one size fits all”. Your specific coverage will depend on the exact kind of blasting work you do. For example, those engaged in blasting or drilling will need coverage that focuses on the kind of risks specific to those methods. Drilling contractors insurance, for instance, covers potential dangers specifically associated with oil and gas. Likewise, blasting contractors insurance covers damage and injuries that can come from flying projectiles and explosions in general. You will also want to ensure that you have insurance that can cover you just in case any blasting or drilling is done in the wrong location (accidents can, and do, happen).

Workers Compensation

In addition to being held liable for incidents that affect the public, injuries can happen among your own workers. In addition to medical bills, workers may find themselves unable to work for days or longer. This is where having workers compensation insurance comes in handy, as it will prevent you from having to pay out of pocket. If workers compensation is paid out up front and soon after the incident occurred, this can also help you avoid a costly lawsuit and unnecessary legal fees.