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Beauty Salon & Spa

Salon insurance is essential if you own a small beauty salon or similar business. This is because you can be sued as a business owner – even if you have done nothing wrong.

As a beauty salon owner, or as an Independent Contractor working in a Beauty Salon, sometimes the unexpected happens. Not being prepared could be fatal to your business and your finances. Examples of the unexpected accident in a salon is lurking at every turn: it may be a dissatisfied customer who files a claim, a skin or eye burn or eye rash from a chemical used, a customer slips and falls in your spa or salon, or even damage to your building. Whether or not something genuinely goes wrong, an accident happens, or you are just wrongfully accused, by protecting your business, you are also protecting your financial livelihood and your future.

In just a few minutes time, you can get multiple beauty salon insurance quotes online to compare from the top national insurers of Beauty Salon & Spa businesses, and make sure that your business and your future is properly protected.

Beauty Salon General Liability Insurance

General business liability coverage protects a beauty salon’s assets if it is sued, whether at fault or not, for causing personal injury or property damage, unless specifically excluded. A general liability policy can be purchased on its own or in combination with a property insurance policy.

Beauty Salon Property Insurance

Fire, theft, and lightening damage are all risks of owning a salon, spa or barbershop property. Property insurance coverage provides protection against these perils. An open peril policy covers all causes of losses not excluded specifically in the policy. On the other hand, named perils must be listed on the policy in order to provide coverage for a loss. A property insurance coverage policy can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your salon by adding endorsements to increase coverage. Additionally, property insurance can pay for losses in two ways: 1) actual cash value or 2) replacement value.

People come to your day spa to relax. While you do your best to maintain a soothing atmosphere, there are plenty of things that could go wrong. A customer could slip while exiting the sauna. An employee could develop an allergic reaction to massage oil. A windstorm could tear the roof off your building, leading to costly repairs and damaged spa equipment.

If you own or operate a beauty salon or spa, you know that running your business comes with a variety of unique, complex risks. Your customers take their appearance very seriously, and even a perceived mistake could mean a lawsuit. In this sensitive business, and in our increasingly litigious society, it’s important to have beauty salon & spa insurance to protect your livelihood. Perfect for aestheticians, hairdressers, manicurists, and everyone in between.