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Beauty & Barber Shop Supplies

This insurance for beauty professionals coverage is relevant when there is an injury to property related to your work. This could be a floor where you rent salon space being damaged by bleach or nail polish, or accidentally breaking a mirror while cutting hair.

Making your clients look and feel their best is what your business is all about. But accidents sometimes happen, and when they do you need beauty therapist insurance that’s there to support you.

Because you’re always in close contact with clients, public liability insurance is likely to be central to your beauty therapy insurance policy. You can be safe in the knowledge that you’re protected, whether you have your own premises, rent your chair or do mobile work.

We know cash flow can be a challenge, so your beauty business insurance can be paid monthly, with no extra fees if you choose that option. All policies have $0 deductibles, too, so you don’t have to worry about sudden expenses.

Your beauty public liability insurance is specifically tailored to your needs, offering you all the coverage you need, with no extras you don’t need. There’s no reason to pay more for coverage than you need.

 However, even barber shops have risks associated with their profession. Cutting a client’s hair in a way they didn’t specify or accidentally nicking their face while shaving could lead to a lawsuit. Other risks are common for most business including property and products risks. By obtaining barber shop insurance you are able to protect your shop from all types of risks.
Insurance for barber shops cover most risks your shop will need to be concerned about, including the following:
Barber Shop General Liability Insurance

If you get just one type of business insurance for your barber shop, it should be general liability insurance. General liability covers any type of lawsuit resulting from customers visiting your shop or services you provide. General liability insurance for barber shops includes completed operations, like a lawsuit from giving a customer the wrong haircut and premises liability covering costs related to a customer harming themselves while in your shop. If a customer was to purchase a product from you, such as a type of shampoo, and gets an allergic reaction, you can be sued for damages; products liability is also included in general liability.

Barber Shop Property Insurance

Your barber shop might also need property insurance, which covers any type of damage done to your business property and its contents. For example, water from a faulty sink can cause a flood in the building that affects your electrical wiring and in turn cause a fire. This can damage your equipment, furniture, and the building itself. Property insurance will help to cover the damage along with replacing anything that was destroyed.