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Baseball Cards

Your cards are fragile. You could keep them in a safe place in the house, but does that ensure its protection? There is always a chance of fire or water damage to your cards. Not to mention, the numerous reports of stolen cards and collections! With homeowners insurance, your prized collection might not be sufficiently covered.

First thing you want to do is get the cards appraised by a sports memorabilia specialist.  This specialist will determine the value of the baseball cards based on age, the team and the player.  Depending on the value of the collection, you might want to consider a collectibles policy.  Some homeowners insurance carriers do include a collectibles category, but it might have certain limitations.

If you have the appraisals of the collection, call an agent and they would have what they need  in order to properly insure it.  If something were to happen to the collection, you may not able to recover the sentimental value that was lost, but the right insurance policy can help to replace or repair the collection.

With a potential of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars present in your baseball cards, their fragility, scarcity, and value is reason enough to have them insured.

You can have thousands of cards to sort through, but most of them probably don’t have any value. A regular set of Tops cards produces thousands of each card, making them worth virtually nothing. However, those rare (numbered, autographed, rookie, inserts, piece of memorabilia) cards should be sent to PSA (Professional Sports Authentication) for proper evaluation and certification.