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Our bar insurance program is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Your local Society agent will help you to determine the bar insurance coverage necessary to protect your livelihood.

The rewards are great in the bar business, yet the risks are many. Establishments serving alcohol can be especially vulnerable. Long-standing industry expertise means that nobody understands the unique risks and challenges of protecting bars and taverns better than Society Insurance.

Bar Insurance Coverage

Our property and casualty insurance for bars and taverns delivers on these small details that make a big difference:

  • Business interruption coverage that kicks in immediately without the standard waiting period
  • Spoilage and contamination coverage for perishable stock
  • Coverage for crime and employee dishonesty
  • Green endorsement for energy-efficient or environmentally-friendly improvements

Your business may also want to consider these additional coverage’s:

  • Franchise insurance for increased repair costs due to corporate standards and coverage for loss of business income due to a contamination at another franchise location
  • Liquor liability insurance for claims that arise as a result of damage or injury caused by an intoxicated person
  • Leading-edge cyber liability insurance with limits up to $1 million
  • Workers compensation insurance that protects your employees at a fair price

The cost of insurance for a bar or tavern depends on its size, menu, payroll, and state liquor laws – among other factors. But that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a rough estimate of bar insurance costs.

Let’s look at what a small bar might spend on its insurance coverage. The prices quoted below are only estimates, of course. To find out what business insurance will cost for your bar or tavern, fill out an online application, and one of skyscraper insurance’s agents will send you personalized quotes.

But running a successful bar means planning for the drawbacks, too. There are few situations more conducive to accidents, lawsuits, and property damage people drinking in a small space. If someone leaves your pub intoxicated, then drives and causes an accident, your establishment could be held liable for damages. Such lawsuits can be financially draining enough to close your business doors for good.