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Barber or Beauty Shop Supplies

A barber shop is mainly for hair cutting, styling, and shaving of men, but occasionally women will get haircuts from the same hair shop. Most barber shops only include the basic hair cutting techniques.

Beauty supply stores provide many beauty and hair products and accessories including cosmetics and tools, skin care products, nail polish and nail care products, hair products and styling tools, hair removal products, and similar products. Many beauty supply stores are open to the public, while others only sell to hair stylists, salons, and barber shops. Men, women, and teens frequently buy their beauty supplies from these types of stores, whether through a brick and mortar store or online.

As the owner of a beauty supplies store, you face a number of risks including injuries that could occur in your store from a spill on the ground, injury or illness caused by the products you sell, or general business risks all retail stores face.

To fully insure your beauty supplies store, consider the different risks you’re exposed to and aim for insurance policies to cover those risks. The following beauty supplies store insurance policies are a great place to start.

Beauty Supplies Store General Liability Insurance

 Premises liability, products liability, and completed operations are all covered with a general liability insurance policy. For example, if the products you sell cause an allergic reaction or damage a customer’s hair, general liability offers overage against the pending lawsuit. Premises liability is for accidents and damage caused while in your store.

Beauty Supplies Store Commercial Auto Insurance

 If you use a vehicle for business purposes, such as making bank deposits or picking up merchandise to stock your beauty supplies store, you need business auto insurance. Business auto offers coverage from property or vehicle damage, bodily injury, vandalism and theft, depending on the type of business auto policy you choose.

Beauty Supplies Store Property Insurance

 Property insurance is an important business insurance policy for beauty supplies stores because it protects against damage to your property. You carry a variety of products and chemicals that are flammable and increase the risk of fire. Fire and other unexpected events could occur at any time, making property insurance important to purchase. Any damage caused by such events is covered with the insurance policy.