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As an audiologist, you use your expertise to determine the health of your patients' hearing. Your equipment measures the volume at which a person begins to hear sounds and their ability to discern the sounds they hear.

If you are a licensed audiologist, you can be sued – even if you have done nothing wrong. Your best solution is to protect yourself with liability insurance.

But improving the physical and mental health of your patients comes with risks. Between Malpractice lawsuits and the potential for property damage, your small practice could face serious consequences if you are not adequately protected with commercial insurance.

Professional liability insurance, sometimes called errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance), is insurance coverage for claims against businesses that provide professional and personal services – for businesses like yours. When is it important to have professional liability insurance? Examples include:

  • Loss of personal information: By mistake, an audiologist misplaces a file with sensitive client information. It was an accident of course, but the information is compromised and the client sues for personally identifiable information. Professional liability insurance could protect audiologists against personally identifiable information claims and will appoint an attorney to defend them if necessary.
  • Negligence: An audiology patient has a procedure to remove earwax. A few days afterwards the patient develops an infection in one ear. The patient becomes alarmed and emotionally upset and sues the practitioner. Professional liability insurance could protect you in such a situation.