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Art Galleries

If you take your works to art fairs, we can source higher levels of cover for art away from your premises. You will need to consider Public Liability and Employee Liability insurance too. This is also the case if you hold private views, events and exhibitions at your gallery.

Works of art can do far more than just dress up a space’s decor; it can speak to the soul, can evoke memories and feelings, and can even force controversial subjects to the forefront of the national debate. It is little wonder that art is a timeless treasure that holds great cultural importance all over the world. As an art deal or owner of an art gallery, you are providing a great service. Be sure to properly protect your investment with a suitable art dealer insurance policy.

Why Is Art Gallery Insurance So Important?

Art is priceless. Each piece is unique and irreplaceable. So how do you get proper compensation if your gallery burns down or if protesters who do not like a controversial exhibit decide to vandalize your display space? Art gallery insurance meets the specific needs of business owners in this industry and can help you protect your business against the risks it faces.

You Need Sufficient Property Damage Coverage

Many types of artwork can easily be damaged by water, fire and other disasters. Often, gallery owners and art dealers do not own the art they have on display but rather provide a means for the artist to display and/or sell their work, so special insurance considerations must be taken into account. Insuring your gallery, which can be a somewhat complex endeavor, necessitates the valuation and protection of its inventory through suitable property insurance.

For starters, the value placed on the art is subjective. Evidence of appraisals done by qualified professionals is often necessary when filing an insurance claim. Additionally, the total value of the art in your possession can vary significantly as new displays replace old ones, so you will need a policy that allows you flexibility with your coverage limits.

You Need Proper Liability Insurance

We live in a litigious society. Your commercial general liability insurance coverage protects your gallery from financial losses if someone is injured while visiting your gallery. This can be due to a slip, a fall, an injury while touching a sharp piece of artwork or other types of accidents.

Additionally, your general liability insurance will protect you during events such as exhibit openings or fund raisers held at your gallery. Alcohol is often served at these events. If a guest drinks too much and causes injuries or property damage to others, your gallery may be held liable. Fortunately, because art galleries are not in the business of producing, distributing, creating or selling alcohol, it is rarely necessary to obtain liquor insurance for these events as your general liability coverage will likely suffice.