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Shops of all kinds need general liability, but gun stores in particular can benefit from this type of insurance. If anyone gets injured in your store or is hurt by the guns or other products you sell, you will be held liable for their medical expenses.

For more than a decade, Skyscraper insurance has worked alongside representatives from the firearms and ammunition industry to develop comprehensive insurance coverage.

Our current clientele consists for more than 500 various manufacturers, as well as nearly every insurance company involved in the trade. In fact, we are the largest independent insurance agency to specialize in this field.

An Ammo manufacture assembles and produces different types of rounds for multiple consumer needs. A round of ammunition usually contains a primer, casing, powder and bullet. There many types of rounds. This includes hand gun, rim fire, intermediate, rifle, black powder and more. Ammo manufacturers usually have factories with automated equipment to load rounds and employees who oversee the process and ensure quality controls. Operations can sometimes be very large, medium to small. They sell their product to markets that include civilian, commercial,  government and more. Ammo manufactures usually complete the assembly process. This means all of the powder, casings, premiers and bullets are pre-assembled. Some operations only manufacture certain parts of  ammunition rounds. This can mean the only manufacture the casing, premier, powder of bullet or all or some. There are many aspects of manufacturing ammo.

Overall, ammo manufacturing takes an insurance agency that understands this process. We understand the firearms industry like no other agency out there. Let us help you put together a comprehensive insurance policy that is best for your manufacturing business. We understand and can insure all steps of the ammunition manufacturing process.

If you own a shop that sells ammunition, making your customers feel safe should be your number one priority. You can already assume that safety is important to them, and you can show that you agree by not only carrying the firearms they need, but also obtaining firearms and ammunition insurance that has the right coverage. you have a lot of competition in this industry. You can set your up for success by making sure you get the best firearms and ammunition sales insurance possible.