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Trust Skyscraper Insurance as your real estate insurance advisor Why Choose Skyscraper Insurance: Unmatched Expertise: Leaders in Real Estate Insurance Tailored Coverage: Customized Plans to Fit Your Property Portfolio Trusted by Professionals: Preferred Partner for Management and Investors Rapid Response: Quick Claims Processing and Outstanding Service Skyscraper Insurance is your ultimate partner for a wide […]

Skyscraper Insurance – Can Safeguard Your Nationwide Multi-Family Properties

How Skyscraper Insurance Agency Can Safeguard Your Nationwide Multi-Family Properties When it comes to multi-family properties, whether you own a small apartment complex or a sprawling residential community, ensuring the right insurance coverage is vital. Every property has its unique set of risks and needs, and that’s where Skyscraper Insurance Agency shines. With a nationwide […]

Storm Hilary moves north after drenching Southern California, Southwest

Tropical storm warnings extended into Southern California Friday night as Hurricane Hilary, which has been bringing winds and rain to Mexico, approaches the United States. It’s expected to weaken and become a tropical storm by the time it reaches Southern California, which is forecast to occur by Sunday night. The storm will bring high winds, […]

Protecting Urban Icons: Skyscraper Insurance’s Response to the Growing Threat of Wildfires

In the realm of modern architecture, skyscrapers have captured our imaginations, symbolizing progress, innovation, and urban dynamism. However, the recent surge in wildfires has reminded us that even these towering giants are not immune to the forces of nature. As a dedicated Skyscraper Insurance agency/broker, we’re stepping up to address this evolving challenge and provide […]

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The role of collaboration in the insurance industry Bryan Falchuk of Insurance Evolution Partners discusses the importance of partnership between legacy insurers and insurtechs based on research from his latest book. The insurance industry has changed significantly over the last several years with new risks emerging due to factors like cyberattacks, the sharing economy and […]

We Ensure Your Vision for a Better Tomorrow

Property Leads Q1 Commercial Insurance Price Increases: Commercial property insurance, with double-digit first quarter price increases, led other lines of businesses tracked by WTW’s Commercial Lines Pricing Survey (CLIPS). CLIPS found the aggregate price change for U.S. commercial insurance was up 5.6% for the first three months of 2023, compared to up 4.8% the prior […]

We Insure Your Vision for a Brighter Tomorrow

Climbing gyms come into existence for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s to address a lack of climbing opportunities in a geographic area. Other times, it’s to allow for year-round climbing in a location where seasonal weather might impede the ability to climb outside. Still other times, it’s a passion project or more of a […]

We Ensure Your Vision for a Brighter Tomorrow

While it was set up to be non-competitive with the private insurance market, Citizens’ rates are priced considerably below market. According to Tim Cerio, Citizens president, CEO and executive director, Citizens’ HO-3 policies are 44% cheaper than the nine competitors that hold 24% of the market. Citizens Property Insurance Company, Florida’s state-backed insurer, is looking […]

Florida joins 9 other states to fight against NFIP’s Risk Rating 2.0

Florida, Louisiana and the other states are challenging Risk Rating 2.0, which changed the methodology for determining flood insurance prices. Among other things, the lawsuit alleges the system improperly considers “hypothetical” future risks and doesn’t properly account for mitigation projects to protect properties from flood damage. Florida has joined nine other states in a federal […]