Rising rates accompany growing demand for active assailant coverage

Demand is up more than 50% and rates for higher-risk businesses are up double-digits in the past 12 months. As the number of mass shooting incidents continues to rise in the U.S., the demand for active assailant, deadly weapon protection, workplace violence and similar coverages is growing. The Gun Violence Archive reports there have been at least […]


More Than 5000 Participants Attended the Event in Edison, NJ Over 300 Entrepreneurs from the Satmar Community Had Booths Showing How They Employ Thousands of People, Serving Customers Worldwide With an Economic Footprint Reaching Hundreds of Millions of Dollars EDISON, N.J., July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leaders of New York and New Jersey’s Satmar community today announced […]

How to Make Sure You’re Insured for Summer Activities

Summer is a time for gathering with friends and family, but with more activity and travel comes increased risk of accident and injury. Some of these incidents could cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t have the right insurance coverage. Here’s how to make sure you’re properly covered for some common summer scenarios so […]

New cyber risk targets small businesses

Companies with weak or non-existent cybersecurity are easy targets for hackers. With names like AstraLocker, RedAlert, CheckMate and Maui, today’s ransomware programs sound more like video games than programs that will shut down a network, steal customer information and disrupt a business for weeks or longer. According to CFC, a specialist insurance provider, you can add […]

Price of Paradise: Why are home insurance rates suddenly increasing in Florida?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — By now you may have already learned that 50,000 homeowner insurance policies are getting dropped across the state by three insurance companies. This is happening as an industry is spiraling to stay afloat. South Florida and Treasure Coast homeowners are seeing their premium rates increase by 20 percent or more. In some […]

How to really unlock the power of AI in insurance

Like every industry, the insurance space has been caught up in the digital transformation surge the last two years and AI is becoming powerful in the insurance industry. From delivering completely paperless claims processes to introducing more expansive app-based experiences, the insurance industry has done an admirable job of keeping up with the digital demands that have […]

From exaggerated claims to the creation of fake assets, AI-generated images and videos call for protective action by insurers to defend against this burgeoning form of fraud. If you read the September/October 2021 Claims Magazine article entitled, Deepfakes: An Insurance Industry Threat, you are familiar with the threat that deepfakes and synthetic media, in the form […]

What to expect from commercial property insurance in 2022

Commercial property rates have seen double-digit increases for two straight years and Gary Wells, managing partner at The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers, does not foresee a notable drop any time soon. The 2022 outlook for this segment is still quite uncertain as severe weather events continue to present challenges for carriers, brokers, and clients. “We […]

A shift from predictive to prescriptive insurance analytics

Prescriptive analytics provides you with data-backed decision options that you can weigh against one another. While data and analysis have always been at the heart of the insurance industry, analytics is becoming an increasingly essential component of every insurance profession and business. The technologies and practices of analytics are advancing every day — and insurance […]